Why Do So Many Jobs Require Spanish?

There are plenty of compelling reasons to learn Spanish, but there’s one that really makes bank: Employability. In virtually any career field, Spanish can come in handy and help you advance. However, there are some careers that actually require Spanish language skills. If you travel to any Spanish-speaking country for work, you’ll certainly need to know travel phrases at the very least. InContinue reading “Why Do So Many Jobs Require Spanish?”

Manufacturing Sector: Currently a Top Staffing Opportunity in U.S.

According to the American Staffing Association, industrial manufacturing staffing from staffing agencies has the top employee percentage in the United States, more than any other industry. This means that many workers looking to work for a manufacturing company, are probably searching for the nearest comparable staffing agency. This also means that a manufacturing company looking for skilledContinue reading “Manufacturing Sector: Currently a Top Staffing Opportunity in U.S.”

Top 5 Industries for Workforce Diversity

One of the biggest professional trends in recent years has been an increased focus on diversity. This is partly the result of new diversity guidelines set out by the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and partly the result of studies showing that companies who hire with diversity in mind tend to be more successful and have happier employees.Continue reading “Top 5 Industries for Workforce Diversity”

What Career Is Right for Me? What Job Should I Have?

You’re lost You’re in a maze, and not the fun kind from that movie Labyrinth. What career would make you happy? Which ones pay the most? What jobs are like a big jaw-trap to run away from, screaming? You need a job that’s fun and challenging, with sky-high pay. Everything will be okay Knowing how toContinue reading “What Career Is Right for Me? What Job Should I Have?”