Our strength lies in helping one another. And every day, on every project, we are creating a new language for inclusion and respect for others. We’re pioneering in genuine innovation, dreaming up – and building – the services that enable real change for students, young adults and job seekers.

Excel Through Mentoring


Virtual volunteering means mentors working with students from a distance, primarily communicating via telephone, Internet, e-mail, Facebook, etc. Virtual mentoring shares the goal of face-to-face mentoring: establishing a trusting, nurturing, positive relationship between the mentor and student.

Are You?


Do you feel like your work
does not have meaning?

Are You?


Do you feel like you are not in
the right job or career?

Are You?


Are you out of work and
looking for a good paying job?

We Can Help!

Our Beliefs and Practices

A commitment to and focus on doing whatever it takes to make sure that every student, young adult or job seeker is successful.

Rather than a top-down relationship, mentor and mentee work as partners, building trust and growing professionally in ways they could not alone.

Every mentor comes to the profession with a commitment to be effective. They bring their own educational experiences and understandings, from which they continuously learn and grow. This same belief applies to all mentees.

A mindset of curiosity  – plot a course, teach it, analyze the impact and adapt to challenges 

Our Approach

One-on-One Career Mentoring

Our program provides you one-on-one, personalized assistance. You will work with a career coach to enhance and develop the tools, skills, and confidence you need to be successful in today’s job market. Together, you will evaluate your short- and long-term career goals. Our coaches provide job seekers important tools for your transition and help advise and assist you throughout the program.

One-on-One Young Adult Mentoring

To be a successful employee, it is necessary to have a wide range of employable skills. Our job readiness programs focus on developing skills in job searching, interviewing and keeping a new job. These programs are offered in many settings, such as in workforce centers, remotely, or in person one on ones sessions.

One-on-One School to Work Mentoring

Aimed at young adults ages 18-24, our transitional programs are designed to assist unmotivated, socially immature students transition from the world of school to the world of adulthood, work, postsecondary education or vocational training. Work-based learning experiences help students identify vocational interests, aptitudes and preferred work environments.

Employers: Become a Partner

Partnership is essential to our work, and we believe that joining forces, providing resources and sharing knowledge and expertise is the quickest way to promote workforce diversity. We have created strong alliances with organizations who support this mission and provide members with access to a diverse candidate pool.

Job Seekers: Grow Your Career and Brand

Our personalized Career Mentoring Program is designed to set you up to grow to your greatest potential and it’s customized to fit your unique self.  In other words, there is no “one size fits all” program. 

Become a Mentor

As a mentor you’ll have a unique opportunity to help young adults navigate new experiences and shape their careers. It’s your chance to inspire—and be inspired by—motivated, up and-coming talent in the workforce.

We need volunteers from all professional fields to serve the diverse backgrounds of our job seekers. Whether you are an industry veteran or mid-career professional, you have valuable experience to draw on and share with our job seekers.